What is Runes?

Runes is a trading card game set in the Runiverse, the world being realized by the Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult team & community.
Runes is a game with fun, easy to grasp, and engaging gameplay. It has a major focus on co-authoring & storytelling. We want to be a platform that allows people to be able to create the experiences they want to create, for themselves and others. We draw heavily on years & years of Magic The Gathering experiences where some of the most fulfilling and rewarding aspects were assembling the perfect deck from cards, to sleeves, to playmat, to custom art. This is also very much the mantra of Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult, where derivatives are held in high esteem and the community is not only given the freedom to, but encouraged to tell their own stories and help create the world around them.
On the surface - Runes is a 1v1 card game where players battle each other using cards, represented as NFTs, that they’ve collected through playing the game or exclusive gifts. Digging deeper - Runes is a complete multimedia experience where social, gameplay, and creator cultures collide. It is a malleable portal that gives players the tools they need to transport themselves & friends (or strangers) into a setting of their choosing. Here is a lore reading given by the founder giveahoot at a 2021 Wizard Wednesday.